GPT Revolution Happened. Now What? We are building the Multi Chain AI orchestration network

Ecosystem incentives and coordinates different parties to run autonomous agents and compute nodes independently and creates markets for them.
Flow Orchestrator serves as a marketplace where Gurus meet ecosystem project needs in the form of published AI Models, Processors, Context-aware RAG Applications.
  • GURU agents have made 15 456 transactions
  • Operators have deployed 26 agents
  • Flow Orchestrator deployed onto 3 blockchains
  • Gurus have registered 21 BBPMN orchestration snippets

GURU Framework and Network Scaling dApps Ecosystem

New Vision

As blockchain and AI technologies mature, orchestrating their interactions with real-world business processes becomes increasingly crucial. Traditional smart contracts, while effective within their native environments, are often limited by a lack of secure, reliable real-world interaction. On the other hand, existing AI models perform well with simple tasks but face significant challenges when integrated into automated multi-step processes and participant flows.
  • The Guru Network addresses this gap by focusing on AI-driven and user flows orchestration across both on-chain and off-chain sides, providing a robust framework for real-world user actions and blockchain business process automation(BBPA). Layer 3 which allows apps to natively embed orchestrated AI Agents and earn Network participant rewards.
  • The Guru Flow Orchestrator facilitates complex workflows that require adaptive, context-aware decisions based on real-time data, thus extending the functionality of traditional blockchain applications and Guru Data Warehouse. The network employs a triadic model—linking AI models, on-chain processes, and off-chain data—ensuring a seamless flow of operations and enhancing the efficiency and applicability of decentralized applications (dApps).
  • Guru Developer’s toolkit and Framework SDK streamlining the Ecosystem onboarding. Individual Agents orchestrated by AI Processors definitions[6] along with user’s and employee tasks.Through the Guru Network, enterprises and retail users gain the ability to compose and deploy sophisticated, secure, and compliant AI/Web3 solutions, bridging the gap between theoretical blockchain potential and practical business needs.
  • Guru Network incorporating Chainlink’s decentralized oracle network architecture, the Guru Network ensures that off-chain computations and data feeds are securely and efficiently processed, maintaining integrity and confidentiality. This approach not only enhances the scalability and performance of blockchain networks but also introduces new possibilities in sectors such as finance, supply chain, and automated customer interactions, where decisions must be data-driven and could be dynamically optimized by AI Models.

What are the innovations?

We simplify AI Focused Applications Development and Deployment
  • GURU Network

    Guru Layer 3 addresses the interoperability gap by focusing on AI-driven and user flows orchestration across both on-chain and off-chain sides.
    • Provides a robust framework for real-world user actions and blockchain business process automation(BBPA)
    • Stands at the intersection of AI and blockchain technologies, providing a transformative platform for builders, startup innovators, and Gurus (Guru Network Contributors)
    • In the Guru Network, each transaction is not merely a transfer of value but a critical component of orchestrated business processes. As decentralized process definitions are deployed and executed within the network, each step of the orchestration may trigger a transaction that requires decentralized consensus.
  • GURU Flow Orchestrator

    Provides low-code development environment(IDE) which powers up BBPMN Definitions Marketplace, Composers, Deployers, and Gurus.
    • Provides a user-friendly interface that simplifies the creation and management of projects, enabling users to customize and automate their workflows effectively.
    • The Flow Orchestrator acts as the BBPA Engines Clusters Control Panel, where users can initiate projects and begin integrating various components such as Snippets and Individual Agents.
    • Flow orchestrator also provides state monitoring and visibility interface for BBPMN instances.
  • GURU Framework

    Offers a comprehensive suite of functionalities for building and deploying dApps and AI-driven processes
    • Individual Agent Builder allows for the customization and deployment of agents tailored to specific tasks within the ecosystem and drive lasting value with process orchestration.
    • New concept of dApps driven by Composed Blockchain Business Process Management and Notation (BBPMN) definitions provides the way to easily integrate with most common technical architectures and frameworks using BBPMN snippets catalog in FlowOrchestrator.

GURU Network: Tokenomics



Early adopters projects who opted in to use of Dex Guru Warehouse and later GURU FlowOrchestrator as a Framework for their services launch.

GURU Network Ecosystem Markets

We have the support and backing of prominent industry leaders.